Leibinger – German. Crafted. Fillers.

Filling machines

No matter which beverage you like to fill in bottles or cans – we got the appropriate machine for you.

Beer Beer
Sparkling wine, Champagne, Soft drinks Sparkling wine, Champagne, Soft drinks
Wine, Spirits, Cider Wine, Spirits, Cider

Why Leibinger?

Why should I choose a Leibinger filling machine?


More than 100 years
The foundation for our present knowledge goes back to the year 1909. Solid and reliable engineering was and remains our most important asset.

Know how

Well-thought-out engineering. We know how to decide which working method matches your specific purpose, while work is fun!


Made in Germany
Accuracy and reliability. Robust mechanics and cutting edge technologies. Black Forest. Long-life cycle. Hygienic Design®. We stand for these values.

Big in Craft

Leibinger filling machine meets Craft Brewery: Built with passion - brewed with passion. Leibinger is big in craft. That's true!

In addition to the basic arguments for our machines - experience, know how and quality - there are more reasons why we have the right Fillingmachine for your needs. We are a medium-sized business and we do not build machines for mass production.