Bottle or Can? What our clients say

Justin Hawke, owner of Moor Beer Company, Bristol, UK

“I moved to England because of my love for real ale, so when I made the decision to can our beer there was only one way we were going to do it – fully can-conditioned with live yeast.

“We invested very heavily in our canning line and process control to get it right, taking a huge risk being the first to go down this path. Cans had a horrible reputation, but actually it is the best package type for portability because it blocks all light and oxygen from getting in and ruining the beer.

“It is also a much more environmentally friendly container, being lighter in weight, more recyclable, and safer than glass. We worked really hard with our designer Ben King from Ich Bin Ben to make the outside of the can as awesome as the beer inside. The beer itself is amazing, and getting CAMRA’s recognition give us a huge sense of achievement.”

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