Leibinger cooperates for the first time with an Erasmus exchange program

For the first time at Leibinger an intern from Norway could gather a lot of international work experience. He was transferred to the company for the 3-month internship of the Erasmus exchange program, since he was able to pursue activities in production which correspond well with his apprenticeship in Norway as an industrial mechanic. For both sides the time was very profitable, also thanks to organized company activities with much fun.

We would like to thank Sigbjörn for his commitment and wish him all the best for his further training.

Read, what Sigbjörn writes about his experiences:

Hi. My name is Sigbjörn Fjeldbu and I come from Norway. I´m doing an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic at Sapa Magnor profiler AS and I´m also in a program that’s called Erasmus+. It is an international company that sends apprentices out around in Europe. In this program you travel as an apprentice out to a new country and company to work for three months. You also get language school the three first weeks. I chose to go to Germany and I was sent down to Freiburg. I started working here at Leibinger located in Teningen, because it´s the most similar work to what I learn as profession in Norway. I came here to Leibinger September 26 and was here until December 11.

The first day I came here I got a tour around in the company and got to meet everyone who works here. Everyone was very welcoming and positive. I was set right to work and starting assemble a cylinder. It took a little bit of time to get used to the new machines as milling machine, lath machine, drill machine etc. But I was very well supported by those who work here. There are a lot of talented professionals who work here, and they know what they are doing. I like very much to weld, and at least to use the welding method TIG welding and that method it’s the one that they use the most here. So the thing I have been better on the time I have been here at Leibinger it’s to weld I think. I have also used the lath machine very much, but it’s the easiest work to do. I have also helped to passable part for the machine. The company is very social and the team does many things together after work. I liked my time here at Leibinger very much and I wish I could stay longer. But it’s good to come back home to the family and friends too. I wish Leibinger good luck in the future and thanks for having me here.