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    Canvasa 75.000 €

    Manual rinser

    CO2 pre gassing unit

    High pressure injection (HPI)

    Heating unit for HPI water

    CO2 Bubble Breaker

    CO2 Undercover gassing unit

    CiP - Format parts

    HPI water filter

    Can shower


    Tools and handling set

    15,000 €

    Depalletizer with can feeder


    • Table with manual removal of the pallets

    • Feed to an electrically controlled turntable

    • Separating pens for separating the cans

    • Dimensions: 2,600 mm x 1,400 mm x 1,400 mm (LxWxH)

    • Power supply: 230V / 50Hz

    12,000 €

    Automatic rinser

    • Full-automatic canrinser with two operatingstations

    • Automatic mode of operation with water, CO2 or air

    • Cable diameter: G 3/8 "

    • Pressure:

      • water: 4 bar

      • air: 6 bar

      • CO2: 3 bar

    8,900 €

    Date Coder for can bottom

    • Sub-option of automatic rinser

    • Automatic date coder for can bottom

    7,500 €

    Rotating collecting table


    • Rotating circular table as collecting table

    • Power supply: 230V, 50 Hz

    31,500 €

    Self-adhesive labeler

    Wrap around labeling machine incl.

    • accumulation table

    • conveyor

    • machine stands on rolls

    1,450 €

    Booster pump for HPI

    With the pressure booster pump for the HPI (high pressure injection), a constant water pressure can be guaranteed regardless of the on-site supply. The pressure can be continuously adjusted using a potentiometer, so that an ideal result is achieved when foaming the product.

    900 €

    Additional can format set 440ml

    A complete can format set for 440 ml cans plus cleaning cups for cleaning mode of the filler (CIP)

    3,500 €

    Additional can format set Sleek

    A complete can format set for 250ml and 330ml Sleek cans

    Total price: