We for you

WE are:

Since 1909

A Pioneer in the filling machine industry.

Over 100 years of accumulated know how, knowledge and experience.

A partner for quality

100% in-house design and manufacturing. Craftsmanship.

Made in Germany. Black Forest.

No mass production.

At home in the world

Our filling machines are spreaded worldwide at our clients.


What we can do FOR YOU:

Small & medium-sized rotary fillers

We design and manufacture filling machines for every container and every size and shape.

For beer, sparkling wine, champagne, soft drinks, wine, spirits and cider.

For 6 to 30 stations.

For Bottles and Cans.

For carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

Extremely reliable mechanical main functions combined with cutting edge technologies.

Small footprint. Space-saving through compact machine dimensions. Fits in standard shipping container.

Comprehensive Service

Consulting and planning for new acquisitions through commissioning and maintenance of our filling machines and lines.


Schwarzwald Black Forest
Rhine Valley Rheintal